Stars vol.2Stars vol.2Stars vol.2Stars vol.2Stars vol.2
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Ethically chartered film
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Five of Dorcel's most beautiful stars make their fantasies come true just for you.

Cléa Gaultier your DORCEL GIRL offers you an anthological and exclusive video from the famous porn director Hervé Bodilis. In this scene of rare intensity, the sublime Clea offers herself to three beautiful males ready to do anything to take her to 7th heaven! She will know how to satisfy their wildest desires...Discover Cléa Gaultier as you've never seen her before! You won't regret it!

Liya and Ricky return to their sumptuous apartment after a romantic evening. Ricky is about to have a last drink but as he takes out the bottle of champagne to offer a glass to his magnificent conquest, the latter, very excited, literally jumps on him. That's all it took for Ricky to abandon his first idea and take charge of the situation and young Liya.

The pretty brunette soon reaches the room, and doesn't wait for Ricky to undress and start masturbating. He sits down next to the beautiful brunette and watches her giving herself pleasure .
He can't take it anymore and finally joins Liya in bed... The rest is to be discovered in this torrid scene with one of the most beautiful actresses of the moment, filmed just for you!

Tiffany and Mina have been friends for many years, but their respective lives have kept them apart from each other. So when Mina offers the pretty blonde to come and spend a few days at her place, Tiffany jumps at the opportunity. Once there, she meets Vince, a charming Frenchman who has been sharing Mina's life for a few months. Tiffany quickly discovers that the couple lives a very free relationship that allows them to share their sex lives according to their desires and encounters. Today, they have decided to take advantage of Tiffany's presence to propose a very intense threesome.

Mariska, a wealthy but somewhat prudish forty-year-old, has a complicated relationship with Lana, her daughter-in-law. When she catches her daughter-in-law sending porn to her boyfriend, Mariska becomes threatening. Against all odds, Lana confesses to her unholy desires...

The young and pretty redhead Jia Lissa has been hired by Lucy Heart to take care of the maintenance of her sumptuous villa. Soon the relationship between the two young women goes far beyond the professional sphere.