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Ethically chartered film
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Carollina Cherry, an almost perfect housekeeper.

Every morning, Avril (Carollina Cherry) waits for the bus to take her to work. For the past four years, Avril has been a housekeeper at one of the city's most famous hotels. She loves her job as much as she hates it. She has tried to leave several times, but each time she has also had a good reason to stay. The guests who stay at the hotel come here mainly because they know that what goes on within these walls won't come out.

Avril's manager is an unpleasant man who doesn't let anything get past him. This morning, he sends her on an urgent errand to bring clean towels to one of the hotel's regular guests. As she enters the room, she discovers Lonnie (Nina Heels), the famous guest, naked in her bathtub. The two women know each other very well, and April knows exactly what she's going to have to do to make up for her tardiness, which is not something she'd be unhappy about.

Very special guests

Harry (Luke Hardy), one of the hotel's butlers, is a reserved but handsome man, which appeals to the hotel's bachelorette guests. When they have to go to the restaurant, they ask him to join them. A little taken aback, he finally agrees to join them after his shift. Avril is not insensitive to his charm, but the two colleagues have never done anything together before.

Conversely, there's a good chance Harry will be able to seal the deal with some of the guests before the evening is over. Disappointed at not having a stripper at their girls' night out, Alice Martin and Simon Kitty decide to end the evening on a high note and take care of him properly. Now that he's off duty, he can get away with almost anything.

Charlie (Sam Bourne), the son of one of the hotel's wealthy guests and Lonie's boss, has a thing for the pretty blonde. All the men are attracted to her dreamy curves. While his mother is away at an important meeting, the two lovers plan to make the most of their few hours of peace and quiet. Avril, as a model employee, is careful not to let on that she's discovered her little secret.

Why resist temptation?

One morning, Avril enters the room of the man she calls the Sad Man (James Duval), a passing guest, thinking it's empty. She's surprised to see him coming out of the bathroom. Just as she's about to leave, he asks her to stay and chat for a while. As lonely as she is, he's looking for a bit of company before heading off to what is sure to be a very boring meeting. That evening, back at the hotel, the sad man can't stop thinking about Cara, his ex-wife, but also about the morning's discussion. Exhausted by his day, he falls asleep dreaming of an adventure with the pretty housekeeper.

Meanwhile, Harry and Avril, who had taken the day off, return to the hotel for their evening shift. As they change in the employee area, they can't help themselves and end up breaking all self-imposed barriers. Isn't the best way to avoid temptation to give in to it?