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Married Women

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Married WomenMarried WomenMarried Women Married WomenMarried WomenMarried Women
Trailer View trailer of Married WomenView trailer of Married WomenView trailer of Married Women
View trailer of Married WomenView trailer of Married WomenView trailer of Married Women
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Production year: 2014
Duration 110 min.
Directed by : Hervé Bodilis
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Come and discover the exciting sex games played by these five gorgeous married women!

Combining perverse domination and sexual surprises, these society couples don't lack imagination when it comes to spicing up their sex life. In order to fully enjoy the pleasure of the unknown, they are willing to try everything! Like Lola Rêve and Chloé Lacourt, Anissa Kate, the American Ash Hollywood and young Taylor Sands are about to enjoy a unique experience...

Half-naked and handcuffed, the sublime Lola walks in a cold park under the stern look of her perverse husband. Once back in their manor house, she begins to walk on all fours between his legs, like a docile little animal on heat, entirely at the mercy of her man. She then starts giving him a superb blowjob and she becomes so excited that she is now ready to give him everything, starting with her welcoming anus...

Chloé, meanwhile, has received very specific instructions. She has to wait for her husband in a hotel room, blindfolded and only wearing lingerie. A man's hand is caressing her and she recognizes the touch of her partner. But to her surprise, she also feels the presence of someone she doesn't know. Nervous and scared, she is comforted by her husband who reassures her and encourages her to let go. Quickly, anxiety disappears and gives way to irresistible lust...

And the best is yet to come...

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