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Ethically chartered film
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Why limit yourself to one partner?

While working on her computer in her living room , Tiffany Leiddi receives a package she wasn't expecting. Having ordered nothing recently, she thinks at first that it's a mistake, but it's her name that appears on the delivery note. As she goes back to work, thinking she will take care of this mysterious package later, she receives a call from her husband Ricky Mancini. He tells her that he is the one who sent the mystery package and that she should be ready for his return early in the evening because he will not be alone.

Pleasantly surprised by this announcement, Tiffany hastens to open the bag and discovers bracelets and a leather necklace with a chain. That evening, Tiffany puts on a very exciting outfit before putting on the accessories she had received earlier in the day. From now on, she only must wait patiently for the arrival of Ricky and their guest. The couple is used to playing sexual games for which the presence of another man is required. Tonight will be no exception to the rule.

Lauren Walker and Marcello Bravo are madly in love with each other, but they regularly invite other men to join them for long evenings of shared pleasure. Their modus operandi is always the same. Dressed provocatively, Lauren must go to a bar for a drink and wait for a man to make the first move. Who could resist her? Tonight, it's James Duval who has accepted the invitation.

Comfortably installed on the sofa, he enjoys Lauren’s languorous striptease while Marcello, in the background, observes them. The fact of being supervised by his conquest’s spouse does not seem to disturb James who begins to take advantage of the pretty brunette’s perfect body. Very quickly, Marcello joins them for a very exciting and unexpected threesome.

They know how to vary the pleasures

Despite long years of happiness with Lauren, the routine finally settled. Marcello decided to change his life and to get closer to Carollina Cherry. Fortunately, he found a new partner who was as much into pleasure games as he was. In addition to her perfect physique, it is also her open-mindedness which seduced him. On her way back from the office, Carollina stopped at a café. That’s where she met James Duval and proposed to him that he accompanies her home, with the agreement of Marcello. Knowing the tastes of his new wife, he immediately accepted.

While the two men start to know each other better, Carollina leaves a few moments to put on an outfit more adapted to the continuation of the festivities. By following Carollina, James certainly did not expect to spend such a pleasant evening.

Alice Martin and James have planned a special evening. Tonight, they decided to invite another woman to join them. They had been looking for a way to spice up their sex life for a long time and their chance meeting with Clara Mia made it happen. Both lovers had their own fantasies but never dared to share them. Simply dressed in a set of lingerie that hides nothing of her curves, Alice follows her partner’s instructions while waiting for their guest.

Hardly arrived, Clara removes her coat to reveal a transparent outfit and does not waste time before kissing Alice with full mouth while James watches them. Although she has already had experiences with other women, the pretty blonde is not yet an expert in lesbian pleasures. That's all going to change tonight, and James plans to enjoy the company of his two beautiful partners to the fullest.

Their desire is stronger than anything else.

A few days later, while Clara is enjoying the peace and quiet of her beautiful home's pool, her boyfriend calls to tell her that he will soon be arriving with "a friend”. At first a little surprised, she understands that the afternoon will be a little more eventful than expected. In this case, it is not very serious because Clara has an insatiable sexual appetite.

Mike likes to watch his girlfriend when she’s having fun with other men. Unaccustomed to this kind of situation, Tommy lets Clara do the work before understanding that it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity. On her side, Clara does not sulk her pleasure to have a good time with two men at the same time.