Luxure, my wife's desiresLuxure, my wife's desiresLuxure, my wife's desiresLuxure, my wife's desiresLuxure, my wife's desires
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Ethically chartered film
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Cherry Kiss and Cléa Gaultier love to have fun together

Cléa Gaultier gets out of a luxury car, half naked. Dressed only in a jacket that hides nothing of her generous breasts, panties and a pair of leather boots, she follows her driver to a sumptuous villa lost in the middle of the countryside. Ricky, her driver and host, invites her to follow him into the villa. They find Cherry Kiss, the lady of the house, patiently waiting for them in her hot tub. Now that their guest has arrived, serious business can begin. While waiting for Cherry to join them, Ricky starts kissing Cléa.

It's the first time she's been in a threesome with a man and woman she barely knows. Ricky and Cherry have been in a relationship for some time now and their sex life is great. However, from time to time, to avoid the routine, they invite women and men to share their lovemaking. Always ready to live new experiences, Cléa could not refuse such an invitation. As excited by Cherry's body as by Ricky's caresses, the young woman will certainly want to do it again soon.

Clara Mia knows how to receive her guests in the most exciting way

Clara Mia and her husband are happily in love, but their respective schedules keep them apart more often than they'd like. Fortunately, they never run out of ways to have fun and share it with each other, even when thousands of miles separate them. Tonight, Mia is a little disappointed that her husband can't join her as planned. To make up for it, he invited two men to come and take care of her. A little surprised, the young woman relaxes a little when she understands that her husband will be able to see her climax thanks to the security cameras installed in their apartment.

After having put on a set of lingerie that would leave no man indifferent, Mia only has to wait for her two guests. Although she doesn't know them, nothing excites her more than imagining her husband watching her make love to these two strangers. The couple is quite fond of all kinds of sex games, but this is the very first time Mia makes love to two men at the same time while her husband is away. It's an experience they won't soon forget.

For Cherry, it's three men or nothing

Cherry and Ricky have the chance to have a near-perfect love story while running their real estate company together. Ricky takes care of the business side of things while Cherry handles all the decorating for their wealthy clients. Very open about their relationship, their friends know almost everything about their private life and their various sexual games. Tonight, they are invited to a four-way by one of their work relations. Very excited at the idea of having three men all to herself, the pretty blonde even offers to invite them straight to their home.

Cherry always has an outfit for every situation. Tonight, she decided to wear the latest black lingerie set that her husband bought her. Thus dressed, she is sure of the effect she will have on her guests. As soon as they arrive, the two men waste no time and start caressing the young woman while her husband watches them. For Cherry, sex must be experienced to the fullest and soon she lets her guests penetrate her, even going so far as to ask them to take her in double penetration, her own little pleasure. Whether in their professional or private lives, Cherry Kiss and Ricky know how to entertain their guests.

Lana Roy and Alba Lala, experts in shared pleasure

For Lana Roy, sex is a true art of living that should not be taken lightly. No man resists her, and she always manages to make them come like no other woman. With her lover, she invited a man she barely knows to share their sexual games. As soon as he arrived, she took the stranger's sex in her mouth to prepare him to penetrate her. Nothing turns her on more than making love to a man while her lover watches them while masturbating. Once the preliminaries are over, the young woman doesn't waste time in useless discussions. She wants this man to sodomize her while she sucks her partner. It would be insane to refuse such an invitation and their guest does not have to make her beg for it. The pleasure is only worth if it is shared and, in this case, it is clear that the pretty brunette and her two partners of the evening have largely enjoyed this long moment of shared desire.

Tonight, David has reserved a very exciting surprise for his companion Alba Lala. The young woman knows that a stranger must join them, but she does not know the details of tonight’s program. Blindfolded, half naked, she patiently waits for their guest to arrive. Following her husband’s indications, Alba starts to suck the hard sex of this man that she still does not see. The two men then caress her body and her sex soaked with desire before she removes her blindfold to finally enjoy the situation. Here is an evening placed under the sign of the pleasure that the couple will want to renew soon.