Luxure : borrow my wifeLuxure : borrow my wifeLuxure : borrow my wifeLuxure : borrow my wifeLuxure : borrow my wife
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Ethically chartered film
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Sex is good only if it’s shared

For these couples, sex is worth it only if it’s shared. Whether with another man or another woman, they can’t conceive making love to only one partner at a time. The only rule is that the husband can watch his wife taking pleasure with someone else.

Adriana Chechik, a pretty hot American woman with a very high libido is married to a man who loves to watch her fuck other men. This spices up their already busy sex life. Adrian is a young woman any man would like to have: pretty eyes, pretty smile, a body to die for and an immoderate taste for sex. What more could you ask for? The couple’s sex games have no limits. Today, Adriana’s husband drove her to the doors of a luxurious villa. Once inside, the young woman is greeted by two strangers. The only rule to their perverse game is that Adriana films the entire encounter live on her phone so that her candaulist husband can see everything. Between a very deep anal session and an even more intense double penetration, the voyeur knows he took the right decision when he sent his wife to have fun without him.

Alexis Crystal loves sex but what she loves even more is anal sex and making love to strangers while her husband watches. Today, they’ve invited a man to satisfy all the pretty blonde’s desires. In order to have her ready, her husband, a handsome and very athletic man, introduces an anal plug in her tight ass hole. Already very excited, Alexis feels her pleasure increasing with every inch penetrating her pleasure hole. Luckily for her, she doesn’t have to wait long before their guest arrives. Usually, Alexis’ husband prefer to watch her getting fucked by other men but today, he wants to take the opportunity to share his wife’s swinging pleasures. After turning both men on with an expert blowjob, Alexis offers them all her holes to the two studs. Anal sex is a good thing but why would she stop there when she can have much more pleasure with a very hard double penetration?

Voyeur and performer at the same time for even more pleasure

Maïlyne is a shy woman but she’s ready to try new things to satisfy her husband’s perverse fantasies. After a romantic walk in the streets of Paris, the young couple goes back to their hotel in order to relax before going back out for diner. As soon as Maïlyne starts to undress, Kristof blindfolds her and asks her to suck his dick. Of course, the pretty Asian girl complies with pleasure. What she doesn’t know is that her husband has one more surprise for her. A man joins them in their room for a sensual and perverse threesome. Still blindfolded and turned on like never before, Maïlyne lets the man take her until he cums on her ass. Now that the man is gone, Kristof can now make passionate love to his wife. The couple will remember their Parisian stay for a very long time.

Fucking with two men is very exciting but watching your wife making love to another woman is even more exciting. Today, Alexis and her husband have decided to find a new sex partner on a dating app. Among all the very sexy woman they see, they eventually choose the magnificent Liya Silver, a pretty Russian girl with curves to die for and and unbridled sexuality. After putting on some of their most beautiful lingerie, the two young women offer a very sexy lesbian show to Alexis’ husband. Not being able to refrain anymore, he soon joins them to end this day in the most perfect way possible.

Submisison and threesome for Rebecca Volpetti

Rebecca Volpetti is totally submitted to her husband. Only dressed in very sexy lingerie and with an anal plug inserted in her anus, the young woman joins Yanick Shaft in their rich apartment’s living room, just walking on all fours. After taking the sextoy out of her ass, Yanick replaces it with the neck of an empty bottle of champagne. Accustomed to his lubricious ideas and his huge cock, Rebecca is turned on like never before. What she wasn’t expecting was that one of her husband’s friends would join them but having two hard cocks just for her ads to the excitement. From masturbation with the bottle to wet blowjobs and a rough double penetration with two rock hard dicks, let’s just say that Rebecca has had the time of her life.