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Détruis ma chatte grosse salope

108 min.
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An orgasmic explosion is not extinguished easily, unless you have the right equipment! See 8 beautiful sluts equipped with an arsenal of equipment to destroy small prudes in the latest film by Vid Vicious, Destroy My Pussy, Big Bitch !! Our expert Heidi and Vyxen fountain are two women who like to demolish the pussy squirting up into everywhere. Leena and Sunny will discover that a violent orgasm can prevent you from walking for days. Jemma will introduce our new slut, Violet, the ecstasy of orgasm. And finally, Roxy and Nikita will massacre between-pussy until it is all red and inflamed.


Studio: Québec Productions
Dauer: 108 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2016






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