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An invitation to THE party of the year Longtime friends Kira Noir and Casey Calvert have...


With: Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, Victoria Voxxx, Maya Woulfe, Lilly Bell, Emma Rose, Lumi Ray, Kenna James, Whitney Wright , Isiah Maxwell, Alex Jones, Mick Blue, Derrick Pierce

An invitation to THE party of the year Longtime friends Kira Noir and Casey Calvert have frequented the most private and coveted parties in Los Angeles. Until tonight, there was still ONE party that had eluded their hunt. Even though the two partygoers knew absolutely every party organizer in the city, this one remained a mystery to them. So, when they finally received the long-awaited invitation and location, they certainly did not expect to spend a night beyond their wildest expectations. Held once a year at a location kept secret until the last moment, the "More" party is reserved for a carefully selected elite who knows that once inside, anything can happen if the participants are open-minded enough. When they enter a simple laundromat, Kira thinks that her friend is playing a joke on her, but when they reach the bouncer, she realizes that, strange as it may seem, they are in the right place. After giving the secret password, they finally enter this mysterious place. Meticulously chosen guests Once inside, they are greeted by Victoria Voxx, an enigmatic woman who gives them a bracelet in exchange for their phones. One of the rules set by the organizers is that no pictures are to be taken or posted on social media. Intrigued and excited by all the pageantry, Casey is quickly drawn to Victoria, but she seems reluctant to get too close to the guests. What if Casey is the exception that proves the rule? After a tour of the room, Kira and Casey are immediately captivated by Emma Rose, the party's DJ. Without further introduction, the two friends take their places behind the turntables, as if to prove to their mysterious host that their invitation was well deserved. On the other hand, Lilly Bell, who is also attending her first party, finds one of the guests very attractive. Knowing that all the guests are here willingly and open to any suggestion, she lures Derrick Pierce to a quieter corner to get to know him better. There are no taboos here, all fantasies are meant to be realized, especially with strangers. Alex Jones and Isiah Maxwell have met before at other parties, but they never expected to meet again for this extraordinary experience. For Maya Woulfe, a regular attendee who can only be satisfied with multiple partners, the two men will be the ideal partners for an excellent evening. There is only one rule... Now that all the guests have arrived, Mick Blue, the bouncer, can finally join the party and play his role as security guard. But tonight, Victoria, the party's PR, gives him permission to join the guests and have a good time. After all, everyone is here to have fun without causing any problems. While gorgeous redhead Lumi Ray gets to know a handsome stranger, Mick decides to discover all that blonde Kenna James and brunette Whitney Wright have to offer. Throughout the evening, Victoria has been handing out different bracelets to carefully selected guests. While she is responsible for the smooth running of the party, she also knows how to spot those who are willing to please her. In this room, separate from the party, there is only one rule: Everyone present is obligated to give her MORE.