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Ethically chartered film
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The beginning of Lumi Ray's fame?

Since his daughter Lumi (Lumi Ray) left to study haute cuisine in France, Jim (Tommy Pistol) has been doing everything he can, not without difficulty, to keep his own restaurant afloat. Fortunately, he can count on the presence of Nathan (Nathan Bronson), an efficient, rock 'n' roll chef. When his wife suddenly passes away, Jim falls into a depression and asks his daughter to return to help run the family business. His only concern is whether Lumi and Nathan, each with diametrically opposed personalities and ways of working, will be able to get along.

During her stay in Paris, Lumi met Raquel (Alexis Tae), who is taking the same courses as her. They soon hit it off, and their friendship quickly developed into a romantic relationship. Since they moved in together, they've been together ever since. Just as they were about to spend a romantic evening together, Lumi receives a call from Jean Martin (Derrick Pierce), one of the most renowned chefs in Paris and Director of the cookery school where she is training. He invites her to dinner to discuss a project that could make her career take off: becoming his privileged assistant on a TV show broadcast worldwide.

Kitchen Nightmares

A little surprised that he should make this proposal when she has no real experience, Lumi asks him for time to think. On her return home, Lumi discovers that Raquel has been waiting for her all evening and, quite logically, is angry with her for leaving her alone. Lumi will have to make up for her absence in a very convincing way. The next day, Lumi receives a call from her father telling her that her mother has passed away and that he wants her to return to the States to help him. Although the reunion between Lumi, her father and Nathan doesn't go as smoothly as expected, everyone will have to work hard to get back on track.

While Lumi and Nathan try to sort out their billing problems and regain the trust of their suppliers, Audrey (Rara Knupps), one of the restaurant's two waitresses, and Dominic (Hollywood Cash), the sous-chef, decide that having a good time in the kitchen is far more important than preparing the lunch service. The two employees have been fooling around for some time, but have never had the opportunity to make love on the job before. That's one box on their bucket list that's been ticked off. Unfortunately for them, Lumi and Nathan get out of their meeting faster than expected and catch them having sex. With two employees down, the situation is unlikely to improve.

Cooking with Nathan

A few days later, Lumi learns that Jean Martin is in town to select the restaurants he intends to present on his future show and convinces him to come to dinner. Robin (Katrina Colt), the waitress who has come to replace Audrey, can't stand the great chef's arrogance, but has a real crush on Nathan. To spice up the evening, she makes a deal with him. If she manages to behave well throughout the service, she'll let Nathan enjoy her... other qualities. Unlike Audrey and Dominic, the two lovers will at least have the decency to wait until the end of the service to have some fun in the kitchen.

As she begins to get closer to Nathan, Lumi finally decides to go all out with Jean. She knows he's been waiting for just one thing and decides to offer it to him. In return, he must keep his word and help her to become a world-renowned chef. After a very intense night, Jean's teams arrive as planned to film the first show in Lumi's restaurant. The shoot turns into a fiasco and Jean finally reveals his true personality. Lumi can't stand him, and despite the deal she made with the chef, she kicks him out before celebrating the event with Nathan... The family restaurant's business can finally take off again.