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Ethically chartered film
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Out of sight, out of mind

Alice (Cléa Gaultier) wasn't always a saint, but after six long years behind bars, she has finally paid her debt to society. Now, all she wants is to get back to a normal life. Yet during this time, her friends continued to live their lives as if nothing had happened, while hers came to a standstill... What if Alice's return wasn't really going as planned?

On the day of her release, after collecting her belongings, Alice discovers that no one is waiting for her at the prison gate. She at least thought that Kate (Anissa Kate), her best friend would have come to pick her up. Back in the city, the young woman has to find her bearings, get used to the noises, the smells, the people. Behind bars, time passes slowly, especially when her friends gradually stopped taking news of her. They were so close, but as they say, out of sight, out of mind. When Alice arrives home, she discovers that even the locks on the house she shared with Kate have been changed after her friend moved out.

A hard return to reality

Distraught, Alice realizes that her return to reality is quite different from what she expected. Even the customers of her favorite pub have changed. With her old friends gone, Alice must resign herself to starting a new life. So when a stranger starts to show interest in her, the young woman jumps at the chance, especially if it allows her to rediscover pleasure in the arms of a man. After a torrid night, Alice decides that her beautiful stranger also has the right to enjoy her charms before leaving for work. Here is an opportunity not to be missed to start the day well.

Since her release, Alice tries, without success, to join Mike, her former boyfriend. He also quickly stopped taking news of her after her incarceration. They met one night by chance in a club while Alice and Kate, as usual, went out regularly to have fun. That night, Mike and his best friend Luke went home with the two young women and enjoyed Kate's sexual prowess while Alice watched. This morning when Mike opened the door, he certainly wasn't expecting such a surprise visit. Fortunately for him, the young woman seems not to have understood that he is now living with Kate...

Only one solution: to go ahead

Having understood that she could only rely on herself to get her life back on track, Alice decides to wipe the slate clean until she meets Steve, the only one who had tried to warn her that her bad company would only bring her trouble. At the time, the young woman took risks by delivering packages herself, the contents of which could put her away for a long time. When she liked the customer, she never hesitated to offer him a small bonus in kind. Nothing like it to build customer loyalty. And then one evening, everything went wrong. The man she came to deliver was being watched by the police and she couldn't escape them.

Hosted by Steve, she discovers that he too has his weaknesses and that unlike his former friends who do everything to get away from her, he hasn't changed much. He still likes risky plans and pretty women. Alessandra Jane and Lola Bellucci, his two new conquests have understood all the advantages they could get by being very affectionate with him. The girls who like sex are numerous but these two beautiful young women are largely above the lot as soon things become serious.

To put her past behind her, Alice goes to Kate and Mike's house to set things straight. Despite their grudges, the couple decides to take advantage of the moment to relive, however briefly, the fun they had together years before. From now on, Alice has all the cards in hand to live her life again by moving forward.