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Ethically chartered film
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An Unexpected Reunion

With their respective busy schedules, Olivia (Skye Blue) and her brother Andrei (Dante Colle) haven't had much opportunity to see each other since their parents died. Fortunately, the preparations for her wedding are the perfect excuse for them to finally get together. However, everything is not going to go as well as Olivia would have liked. Her brother has indeed decided to come with Naomi (Ana Foxxx), his new girlfriend. At first a little distant, the two young women will end up getting closer... a little more than expected.

On his side, Lachlan (Quinton Jackson), the future groom, seems to be more preoccupied by the incessant calls of his mistress than by the ceremony. That evening, after a romantic dinner, the couple finally enjoys a rare moment of intimacy. The bride and groom were so busy that even their sex life seemed to have taken a back seat. This doesn't stop them from making the most of their time together, quite the contrary. Even if the passion is less present, it is no less intense.

A love story not as idyllic as it seems

The next day, while these gentlemen go fishing, Naomi offers to Olivia to help her to choose all her outfits planned for the bridesmaids. Although Olivia still doesn't know what to make of her guest's presence, she seems to like her a little more than when she arrived. However, when Andrei announces his upcoming marriage to Naomi at dinner, the already tense atmosphere suddenly deteriorates. Olivia, furious, feels betrayed by her own brother. While he comforts himself in the arms of his future wife, the blonde Olivia, troubled by the events of the last few days, tries to find sleep, quickly disturbed by a recurring erotic dream in which she finds herself making passionate love to two other women.

After this emotional night, Naomi runs into Olivia who must leave for a business trip, leaving her all alone in the couple's villa. All the tensions of the night before seem to have faded away and the two young women decide to make a fresh start. Once her host leaves, Naomi finally discovers that the house is occupied by Lachlan and a model who is convinced that her relationship with the groom will open the doors of Olivia's fashion shows. The man confirms that he is much more interested in his future position in his wife's company and the meetings he will be able to make there than in the wedding itself. On her side, Vanessa (Gianna Dior), the pretty model, is all set to prove to him that she has all the required abilities and that she is ready to thank him in her own way.

Olivia's Revelation

After years of searching for his way of life, Andrei has come to the conclusion that his true place is with his sister to help her run her company. Naomi reveals that Lachlan is not the man Olivia should marry after all and that she may not be the right woman for Andrei.

A few hours later, as Naomi helps Olivia try on her wedding dress, the two young women decide to open completely to each other. Naomi then tells Olivia that she has decided to cancel her own wedding before asking her not to marry Lachlan. Not knowing yet very well where they are, the two young women benefit from this moment of intimacy to discover themselves a little more. What if Olivia's erotic dreams are hiding a real attraction to women? What if her marriage was a mistake? When Naomi reveals the infidelities of her ex-husband-to-be, the pretty blonde immediately makes an important decision... to take back the control of her life.