40 years old, the education of my young neighbor40 years old, the education of my young neighbor40 years old, the education of my young neighbor40 years old, the education of my young neighbor40 years old, the education of my young neighbor

40 years old, the education of my young neighbor

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Ethically chartered film
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A simple encounter that will change Luna’s life

18 year old Luna is very much in love with her current boyfriend but like many girls her age, she still has a lot to learn about sex. When her parents leave on vacation and leave her alone for a whole week in their house, Luna has no idea that her life is about to change completely in no time. India, the new neighbor, is a very pretty fourty something woman who knows her seduction power. You just have to see the number of men who come to visit her on a regular basis to understand that this woman is very sexually experienced.

Soon after her parents’ departure, Luna catches India making love to her current toy boy outside in her pool. The pretty blond is a real cougar who prefers the company of younger men. She knows that they are much tougher and sex driven than men her age. Very turned on by what she just witnessed, Luna summons up her courage to go and talk to that mysterious woman. India agrees to take the young women under her wing and help her discover new pleasures she didn’t even know existed.

A gentle initiation

In order to begin her initiation slowly, India starts by seducing a stranger in a bar. She then let Luna watch while she lets him fuck her by a tree outside. Since India loves to share, today, Ania and Amber, two very horny and curvaceous MILFs will have the opportunity to enjoy a hot threesome with one of their friend’s studs. Let’s just say that this lucky guy will remember his encounter for a very long time. The truth is, in spite of their age, the two women still have a very high libido.

From ingenuous to true sex expert

Within just a few days, thanks to her new friend’s advice, Luna’s life has drastically changed. She now feels more free, more desirable, more… woman. Alberto, her boyfriend is about to discover that his girlfriend is different and that she takes much more pleasure when she’s with him. The young couple has reached a new level in their love story. From now on, they even start to seduce strangers in the restaurant they work in and bring them home to play some very hot games. Pretty blond Lovita, their latest target can’t really say otherwise.

Initiation and the discovery of new pleasures are recurring themes in Liselle Bailey’s movies. Once again, the British director proves that she totally masters her field of work and that she can mix real stories with very exciting scenes.