40 years old, comes to life40 years old, comes to life40 years old, comes to life40 years old, comes to life40 years old, comes to life
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Ethically chartered film
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Cherie Deville, a novelist on the verge of breaking up with her lover

Cherie Deville is a successful erotic novelist. To meet the expectations of her readers and the constant pressure of her publishing house, she spends most of her time in front of her screen. Obsessed with her stories and characters, she doesn't see that her personal life is about to change. One evening, very excited by the torrid adventures she has just written, she decides to take a very naughty break with Will Pounder, her lover of several months. The latter had fallen asleep at her side, tired of her paying more attention to her novels than to their own love life. Faced with this renewed passion, he cannot resist the charms of his girlfriend, ready to give her the best evening of her life.

Unfortunately for Cherie, this moment of intense pleasure wasn't enough to keep the flame alive, since as soon as breakfast, Will came to tell her that he was leaving her. While she masters the love stories of her characters to perfection, she still has a lot of progress to make to be as successful in her own love life. Having just gone through her third break-up in less than a year, Cherie decides to throw herself body and soul into writing her new novel. If the first pages were already very exciting, the sequel was going to get even hotter. What if her own fantasies are now coming to life on her computer screen?

Between dream and reality, all fantasies are allowed...

India Summer, a very experienced woman has taken the pretty Emily Willis under her wing and is determined to teach her everything she knows about the art of love and pleasure. As the two women start licking and fondling each other in lesbian games, they decide to let Emily's boyfriend join her in a very intense threesome. In other words, the man did not expect to live such an experience one day, even though the two women had only one desire: to use him for their own pleasure.

Lacking inspiration until now, Cherie now decides to make her characters live their own lives and, above all, to create a character that will allow her to live her fantasies to the fullest throughout the story. Thus, in the next chapter, the blonde Elsa Jean, her "sister", discovers that she much prefers female company to that of men. This is followed by an exciting sapphic scene in which the two young women give free rein to their deepest impulses.

Cherie Deville, captive to her own desire

Cherie, on the other hand, is tired of masturbating while reading her own stories. She needs something concrete. To live out her fantasy of a threesome, she even created THE perfect character. Beautiful, muscular and above all, well equipped. So here she is taken by the two stallions in her book who have only one role: to give her maximum pleasure. Once her desire is satisfied, the novelist decides to go back to her life and finally finish her novel. Between dream and reality, it is sometimes difficult to choose but in both cases, the pleasure is real... at least for Cherie.

For her second film for Dorcel, director Kay Brandt delivers a story in which fiction meets reality in which pleasure and fantasy are omnipresent. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand fantasies.