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Russian Institute - Lesson 3

85 min.
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Natalia is a young student who was sent to a luxury boarding school reserved for the cream of Russian youth. Her education is based on many subjects and not all of them are exactly academic. When a new teacher, a very handsome man, decides to demonstrate his devotion to Natalia and some of her classmates, our '‚¬Å“innocent'‚¬Â girls are eager to learn! To be honest, most of the students would qualify for the '‚¬Best Slut of the year'‚¬Â trophy. When there are enough males around, they throw themselves into craziest lesbian games. Even the female headmaster takes part in their perverse, sexual frolics! Overcome by the atmosphere of lust, our pretty girls show a great understanding of how to abuse the Institute's rules. With every new lesson they are gaining an expertise in immorality.


Studio: Marc Dorcel
Dauer: 85 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2004
Regie: Hervé Bodilis


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