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Kamasutra : the secrets of sex

19 Szenen 135 min.
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Have you always fantasised about knowing every secret of the Kama Sutra to turn you into a true sex god? Now the waiting is over: this pack is just for you! The splitting, the spoon, the crossed keys, the cat's tongue and many more... In this film, we explain 40 Kama Sutra positions down to the last detail. These superb hardcore scenes are filmed in a luxurious setting starring the Lane sisters and the most beautiful French actresses around. You'll discover a practical and arousing way to try out these timeless techniques that will open new avenues of pleasure for you. 'Kamasutra' is the perfect movie for men wishing to make any woman climax. Thanks to this expert advice, the female orgasm will no longer be a mystery to you!"


Studio: Marc Dorcel
Dauer: 135 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2013
Regie: Luka




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