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Anna Polina Infinity - Part 2

12 Szenen 302 min.
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Relive the most intense and visually stimulating scenes starring Anna Polina, the Dorcel Girl of a thousand vices, all together in one compilation. 5 hours of non-stop sex!

For nearly two years, Anna Polina has shown the whole world her tremendous talents as a performer in about thirty films. Here's your chance to relive the hottest moments of her career through over 20 ultra-hardcore scenes!

Model student by day, when the sun goes down Anna becomes a real sex fiend. This evening, she is even more excited because she's going to introduce her baby sister to the joys of sodomy with the help of two extremely powerful studs....

Whilst on holiday in the Caribbean, Anna and her friend Tarra set off on a cruise that she's unlikely to forget. Once at sea, the two friends literally pounce on the two sailors accompanying them, and offer their welcoming orifices. Anna, who seeks full satisfaction, receives a spectacular double penetration which brings her to a frenzied orgasm.

Anna, a young innocent well-to-do girl, lets her lover take her to a secret place. To her great surprise, there are three more guys waiting there. With a great deal of deep throat, anal sex and double penetrations going on, she fully intends to show them that she's not all that innocent!


Studio: Marc Dorcel
Dauer: 302 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2013

Szenen des Films

Szene 1
7 min.

Szene 2
8 min.

Szene 3
14 min.

Szene 4
10 min.
Mit: J.P.X

Szene 5
13 min.

Szene 6
6 min.

Szene 7
12 min.

Szene 8
8 min.

Szene 9
12 min.
Mit: Leny Ewil

Szene 10
9 min.
Mit: J.P.X

Szene 11
14 min.

Szene 12
20 min.


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