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Pink Slip

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Pink SlipPink SlipPink Slip Pink SlipPink SlipPink Slip
Pink SlipPink SlipPink Slip
Pink SlipPink SlipPink Slip
Produktionsjahr : 2013
Dauer: 122 min.
Regie: Robby D
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Getting fired was just the beginning.

Fired from her clinic job of researching erectile dysfunction, Jesse Jane and her newly unemployed co-worker Lilly Banks want to continue helping guys find pleasure. With the aid of Jess's love sick lab assistant Giovanni, they set up a home clinic to help horny guys get rid of their boners. Tony DeSergio is the first client in and Lilly takes a full body approach to working out his erection. Jesse Services patient #2, Johnny Sins, by using her beautiful body to relieve his rod of love juice for the test sample. With the clinic's success, Jesse is able to send out a special ointment that Anna Morna and Tommy Gunn uses to help him with his unwavering erection. The get worked wonder but it's Anna's sweet sugar hole that helps Tommy blow his load. Back at the clinic, Alexis Adams sees Kieran Lee who just had his cock enlargement surgery. Wanting to make sure it's in full working order, she jumps on it for a test ride. Jesse's dinner invitation by Giovanni leads to a feisty fling for dessert. Jesse's life has taken a sexy turn, all because of a pink slip!

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