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Angelmania #2

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Angelmania #2Angelmania #2Angelmania #2 Angelmania #2Angelmania #2Angelmania #2
Angelmania #2Angelmania #2Angelmania #2
Angelmania #2Angelmania #2Angelmania #2
Dauer: 116 min.
Audio :
Studio: Alex Romero
Produktionsjahr : 2005
Regie: Laura Angel

Laura Angel has many special talents

During one of her visits in France, Laura Angel meets some friends in a mansion. After a good orgy with friends in the living room, Laura discovers a couple fucking in the office. Very excited by what she just saw, the pretty brunette with big tits will try out all the rooms in the house. 4 girls for one dick, girl girl games, will lead to a very hardcore double penetration. Laura will showcase all her very special skills.

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