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A luxurious villa in the hills, a couple ascends the stairs with determined steps. Alex Jones...

Climax #3

With: Lilly Bell, Maya Woulfe, Kira Noir, Alexis Tae, Alexia Anders, Alex Jones, Nathan Bronson, Isiah Maxwell

A luxurious villa in the hills, a couple ascends the stairs with determined steps. Alex Jones and Lilly Bell have been together for some time now, and today is the beautiful blonde's birthday. Alex has prepared a surprise for her that she won't soon forget. Lilly, both a little stressed and excited, has many questions on her mind. When her boyfriend asked her to wear only sexy lingerie under her coat, she thought he would just take her to a hotel for a weekend of lovemaking in a king-size bed, certainly not to an empty mansion. Since they've been together, the two lovers have had the opportunity to "visit" quite a few hotels or make love in unusual places. So, Alex had to find a location and an activity that would truly surprise his partner. Although Lilly has already fulfilled some of her fantasies, she still has many more, and Alex is determined to help her complete her list. For now, all she wants is for Alex to take her right there, right now in that large empty room, knowing that someone could discover them. Even though he desires it as well, Alex has another equally exciting plan in mind. To reveal the surprise at the last moment, he needs to blindfold her. Upstairs, the couple enters a room where Kira Noir, Maya Woulfe, Alexis Tae, Alexia Anders, Nathan Bronson, and Isiah Maxwell are waiting for them. Despite her blindfold, Lilly quickly realizes that she is being watched, and this situation excites her to the highest degree. She has long desired to participate in a real orgy, and Alex is about to make her dream come true...

A couple looking for new experiences Danielle (Gianna Dior) and Jason (Seth Gamble) recently got...

Climax #2

With: Gianna Dior, Emma Hix , Britney Amber, Lena Paul, Kit Mercer, Harmony Rivers, Seth Gamble, Brad Newman, Robby Echo

A couple looking for new experiences Danielle (Gianna Dior) and Jason (Seth Gamble) recently got married and are madly in love with each other. Although they have a busy sex life, they are always looking for new experiences to spice it up. Before he met Danielle, Jason was already a member of the Joy Club, a very private club where members can indulge their every desire and fantasy. In a few days, his wife will have the opportunity to join the club, but she's a little anxious about it. What if the owner and the other members don't like her? Zara (Emma Hix), the owner of the Joy Club, and her assistant Devon (Harmony Rivers) make a point of welcoming new members in the best possible way. Jason is one of the most active members, so they make sure his new wife feels as comfortable as possible from the start. Gianna Dior discovers new pleasures After a short interview to find out the newcomer's motivations, Zara decides to give her a test to find out her desires and expectations. Danielle has always been bisexual but has rarely had the opportunity to participate in a threesome with a stranger and the man she loves. Yet, one of her greatest fantasies has always been to see her partner enjoying himself with another woman in her presence. Thanks to Zara, she can finally make it happen in the most exciting way possible. A few days later, the couple was invited back to the Joy Club to make Danielle's application official. While Jason and Brad, a new member take care of pretty assistant Devon, Zara and Michelle have fun with each other in the next room. Being able to hear her husband giving pleasure to another woman without seeing him excites the pretty brunette like never before. Zara's expert kisses and caresses amplify her desire even more, and soon she's overwhelmed with orgasm. And she’s the one who thought she wouldn’t fit in … The Joy Club makes all your fantasies and desires come true Now a full time member, Danielle decides to emancipate herself and come to the club alone to meet new people. Today, she is welcomed by Britney Amber and Lena Paul, two of the oldest members. The two young women are very experienced in the pleasures of women and offer Danielle an experience she had never had before. Even though she had had relationships with other women, she had never had so much fun. It was an experience she would not soon forget. To celebrate Danielle's arrival at the Joy Club, Zara gave her a little surprise. The young woman has integrated so well that she is now giving her the opportunity to participate in her very first real orgy with another couple and the owner herself. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Of course, since her arrival Danielle had had the opportunity to participate in various threesomes but she had never made love with so many partners at the same time. Three women and two men, that offers so many possibilities. From now on, Danielle is likely to be a little more active in welcoming new recruits.

Climax vol.2 Climax vol.2 Climax vol.2 Climax vol.2 Climax vol.2 Climax vol.2
Climax : the paroxysm of sexual pleasure For their loved ones, Emma (Avi Love) and Michael...


With: Angela White, Avi Love, India Summer, Jane Wilde, Whitney Wright , Britney Amber, Seth Gamble, Ryan Driller, Eric Masterson, Codey Steele

Climax : the paroxysm of sexual pleasure For their loved ones, Emma (Avi Love) and Michael (Ryan Driller) are a couple close to perfection and lead an almost perfect life. Behind this ideal couple's facade, the two lovers dream of getting off the beaten track, of meeting new people. But what they want above all is to spice up their sex life, which is too classic for their taste. Although this one is well filled, the two lovers want to have new experiences, discover new pleasures. Their biggest fantasy is to practice swinging. Emma dreams of seeing her husband in the arms of other women as she looks at them... before joining them. For this reason they decided to contact Anaïs (Angela White) and Natacha (Jane Wild), the two managers of an ultra-select private club in which members can live their fantasies in complete freedom. Before validating their membership, Anaïs needs to get to know them better to offer them the most beautiful experience, the one they have always dreamed of. The potential members of this very exclusive club must undergo a very thorough interview with the curvy Anaïs to determine their personalities, their sexual preferences and above all, to discover their most intimate fantasies. After undressing the pretty Emma, Anaïs fondles and kisses her languidly before helping her put on a very sexy lingerie set. Michael, watches them with envy and excitement. A Cast of Stars for A 5-Star Orgy Once this stage is over, Anaïs and Natacha lead the two lovebirds on the terrace of their sumptuous villa. By the pool, they meet India Summer and Seth Gamble, one of the first couples to join their club years ago. According to Anaïs, they are the perfect couple to help them live this new experience as well as possible. As young Emma begins to kiss India tenderly, Anaïs comes to keep Michael company. Her generous curves would make any man crack. Once the presentations are done, the two couples are joined by other couples who were hand-picked among the customers of this very special club. Britney Amber, the blonde with the imposing breasts and Whitney Wright, a pretty brunette whose libido knows no limits, complete this cast of American stars. From now on, all barriers and prohibitions are broken. The female participants in this very special party give themselves body and soul to all the sexes who present themselves to them. Men or women, they will taste all the possibilities offered by the guests. Thanks to Anaïs, Emma and Michael were able to push their own limits and fully live the fantasy they had wanted to realize for so long. Marc Dorcel x Kay Brandt : The Collaboration of the Year To celebrate his 40th birthday the way it should be, Marc Dorcel contacted American director Kay Brandt to put together a cast of stars and stage this orgy that you may remember for a long time. For more than 10 years, Kay Brandt has built a solid reputation for the quality of her scripts and her erotic universe. Kay Brandt is far from being a beginner in the world of adult entertainment. In the late 1990s, she wrote many critically acclaimed erotic plays and later brought them to the screen. Since 2009, Kay has produced and directed more than sixty films for some of the largest American studios. She recently adapted one of the most award-winning series of erotic novels in the United States: Babysitting the Baumgartners by author Selena Kitt. To vary the pleasures, she also writes horror novels. For her very first collaboration with Marc Dorcel, Kay Brandt brings us here a most exciting story and orgy. To do so, she brought together some of the most prominent and experienced actresses in the business: Avi Love, Angela White, Jane Wild, India Summer, Britney Amber and Whitney Wright. It is likely that this first collaboration should have a follow up but shh, it is a secret. At the end of this anthological orgy, Marc Dorcel is pleased to offer you the making of the film which will allow you to discover the backstage of the shooting as well as interviews with the main actresses.

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