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Marilyn Jess

Marilyn Jess Marilyn Jess
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Jess was discovered by a photographer when she was bringing some risqué pictures taken during her holidays in Greece for development. From there she went to sexy pictures, lingerie modeling and finally porn films.

Her first movie in 1977 was Collégiennes à tout faire by Jean Desvilles under the alias of Marilyn Wild. However, as this name being was already being used by an American performer, she chose the last name of Jess, the name of the shop where she was purchasing her clothes.

She had her major breakthrough with director Frédéric Lansac in the 1980 film la Femme objet, a film where she is the ideal woman, a robot, created by a scientist. This success came at the right time to succeed Brigitte Lahaie, who had just ended her porn career with Les petites écolières (a film also featuring Jess).

She dropped out of porn after a final lesbian scene with Traci Lords in the film Traci, I Love You in 1987.

She then worked in various Parisian peep shows till the beginning of the '90s; and as a guest star in a few softcore erotic films.

In parallel to this porn activity she became the muse of the French satirical magazine Hara-Kiri, for which she modeled. From this period she got her nickname of platinette (later patinette) due to the colour of her hair.

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