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Eva (Casey Kisses) is rehearsing for a small role and her stepbrother Dante (Dante Colle) helps coach her to get in touch with her more vulnerable side, by literally laying things bare, leading to an unexpected hookup. Ernie (Draven Navarro) arrives home after a hard day at work only to realize he has forgotten his stepdaughter, Ella’s (Janie Blade) birthday. He invents a game for them to play, which ends with his cock in her mouth. Taylor (Dillon Diaz) asks his bratty stepdaughter, Daisy (Jenna Gargles), to help with some chores. Reluctant at first, she ends up confessing to her stepfather how her mother takes advantage of her. Taylor takes the opportunity to teach Daisy to set boundaries, which leads to sex. Annie (Kenzie Taylor) and Catherine (Daisy Taylor) are out for a jog, but they soon realize they’re locked out of the house. Annie decides to climb through a window to unlock it but gets stuck. Meanwhile, her boyfriend (Dante Colle) takes the opportunity to have her suck his cock, while outside Annie is fucking Catherine from behind.