Nurses Anthology vol.1Nurses Anthology vol.1Nurses Anthology vol.1Nurses Anthology vol.1Nurses Anthology vol.1
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Ethically chartered film
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In this first volume, we follow young inexperienced students who give it their all and offer themselves without hesitation, all for the love of learning!
Luscious Ana learns her trade at the bedside of an injured man and makes it her duty to get him back on his feet. After putting on a show and greedily sucking him off, the little slut climbs up on the hospital bed to be penetrated by his already hard cock.
Students Tiffany and Minnie learn all they can of male anatomy by visiting a very well endowed patient. They take turns giving the poor man the fuck of a lifetime.
And Lola, another student nurse, is not about to contradict the hard-won reputation of her naughty classmates. We will follow her right into the middle of a university party that descends into a red-hot threesome…
Nikita, with her team spirit, motivates the orderlies with blowjobs in the ambulance. Such a great colleague!
Jenny, on the other hand, isn't into boys her age - she'd rather fuck Mr. André, her anatomy prof, at the end of class.
Abby, a young nurse in a private clinic, has no qualms about giving chairbound patient Rye an eyeful. But this nurse has a deep sense of duty and gladly shares her lover.
At last, there's Anissa, the quietest and most studious student on campus, who gets caught up in the sexual frenzy with abandon, giving herself over to an intern for a wild fuck.