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Ethically chartered film
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Lauren and James lead a high-intensity life

For Lauren Walker and James Duval, high-intensity sport and sex are an integral part of their lives. Will they be ready for the biggest competition of their careers?

Passionate about sport, Lauren Walker and James Duval are lucky enough to be able to practice their favorite activity every day. Every morning, weather permitting, Lauren goes for a jog in the forest and along the beach. On her return, she heads straight for the shower and invites James to join her. A good way for the couple to start the day. These days, with a big cross-training competition coming up, they don't have much time to relax.

As soon as they've had breakfast, the couple head off to meet Marcello Bravo, their trainer. As he does every day, he has prepared a series of exercises that won't give them much respite. Between cardio, weight training and nutrition, the couple have no choice but to listen to his advice if they want to be ready on D-day. To complete their training, Marcello called on Shalina Devine, ex-physiotherapist with a gymnastics team, who has turned to private coaching.

A very private coach

Although they haven't seen each other in years, Shalina and Marcello know each other well and have remained good friends despite the distance. It's almost certain that Marcello has reconnected with her to renew the relationship, while asking her to coach his protégés. Shalina is not fooled and soon agrees to stay with her former lover. She could easily have stayed at a hotel but has other ideas when she joins Marcello in his room.

The next day, Marcello decides to test Lauren and James' limits by concocting a very intense WOD, close to what they'll have to endure in the competition. Despite appearances, injuries appear and risk compromising their performance. As Shalina massages Lauren to relax her, she notices that the pretty brunette is trying to hide some pain. The more time passes, the more the two women, who hardly know each other, reveal their little secrets. Shalina recounts how she met Marcello and how they became lovers, while Lauren opens up about her relationship problems.

She's only been with James a few months and isn't sure how to fulfill her boyfriend's fantasy of watching her have pleasure with other men. Shalina, who has a little more experience in the matter, explains that if this request bothers her, she has every right to say no and retain control of her own sexuality. For her, dialogue is one of the keys to a successful relationship. For the time being, Shalina wants to spend some quality time with Lauren. Why deprive herself if everyone's willing?

On to the competition

After this very special massage session, everyone gathers on the beach for a meditation session led by Candie Luciani. Taking care of the body is all very well, but regaining a certain peace of mind is even better. Candie and Alex Romero haven't been in the area very long and are trying to build up their clientele. Although they keep in shape in their own way, they're still completely unaware of what their customers are up to. As the conversation progresses, the two couples grow closer, and Lauren finally confesses to James that she'd love to spend a little more time with their new friends. That same evening, Candie and Alex are invited to a completely different kind of group exercise.

A few weeks later, Lauren, James and Marcello finally make it to their cross-training competition. Candie and Alex, who have been persuaded to take up a new sport, offer to look after the gym in their absence. Of course, they don't yet have the level to take part in a real event, but they already have all the skills required for physical training as a couple.