Lost in L.A. vol.1Lost in L.A. vol.1Lost in L.A. vol.1Lost in L.A. vol.1Lost in L.A. vol.1
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Ethically chartered film
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Long working hours, an ever-repeating, boring relationship routine and a lack of sex and intimacy - it is save to say that married couple Amber and Grant have hit a slump. They are starting to realise that they can't take their marriage for granted any longer if they don't want to risk losing each other. Determined to rekindle the spark of their love, Amber makes a decision: She will save her marriage no matter what. Inspired by an episode of her favorite podcast, Amber decides that it is time to spice things up. She invites Grant on a date to a fancy bar in town to seduce him. The couple starts an intense journey of rewriting the rules of their relationship. But after being strictly monogamous for a long time, the transition to inviting other people into their marriage does not come without challenges...