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Watching You #2

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Watching You #2Watching You #2Watching You #2 Watching You #2Watching You #2Watching You #2
Watching You #2Watching You #2Watching You #2
Watching You #2Watching You #2Watching You #2
Production year: 2011
Duration 108 min.
Directed by : Robby D
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You can never escape your past or your future.

Sexy, seductive Riley Steele discovers a weak link in her marriage as perverted visions and dreams continue to haunt her, even after her wedding. The mysterious watches given as an engagement gift from friends they thought they could trust, turn out to be laced with the outlandish ability to give the wearer a glimpse into a future affair of their spouse, or a return of an old flame. Convinced her new husband is having a lusty affair, the emotional and sexual connection is broken by an unexpected visit from her brother-in-law and his highly sexually charged girlfriend.

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