Infidelity and IndescretionsInfidelity and IndescretionsInfidelity and IndescretionsInfidelity and IndescretionsInfidelity and Indescretions
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The idea of swapping partners with their friends had Cherie feeling beyond excited. When she swings by to borrow a necklace from Monica, Quinton is there...all alone. As effortlessly sexy as ever. They know they shouldn't, without their spouses there...but the only thing either of them can think about is The Thing. Not long into her marriage, Adria is faced with the reality that monogamy was never for her. She has been actively fighting the urge to jump her old college friend Jakes bones for years-and Adria realizes she can finally do exactly that. Nothing about Scarlit and Damons relationship worked, with the exception of the sex. After spending what felt like ages fighting, sex became the only thing they could agree on. And they fucked. They fucked rough. It was intoxicating. When they finally decide they cant keep doing this- Scarlit kicks Damon out- just as soon as he fucks her one last time. Emilys dad got her a job working for his friend Charles during her junior year of college. Magnetically attracted to each other from the get-go, they spent the entire spring holding back . . . until Emily's last day working for him, when they both gave in. After heading back to school, Emily had fantasized about the sex they had that day for the entire semester. Returning to Charles' that summer, she expected things to pick up right where they left off. Instead, Charles was reserved and distant, which Emily warmly accepted as a challenge.