I can't help it vol.3I can't help it vol.3I can't help it vol.3I can't help it vol.3I can't help it vol.3
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When Tiffany dozes off mid-study sesh, Nathan lets her sleep in his bed. The next morning, she is mortified to learn that he slept on the floor. In exchange, she offers him one of her professional-level massages. One touch leads to another — and a kiss — until it’s going both ways. Newly single Vina wants to hook up with Tyler, but he turns her down because of some silly “Bro Code” with his bestie, who is also Vina’s now ex. Vina doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason for them to deny themselves some mutual fun and shows him as much. Gizelle and Ryan are preparing for a big meeting with a huge client when the power goes out and threatens everything they’ve been working on for years. Ryan is rattled, but Gizelle keeps her cool, offering suggestions and solutions for how they can still come out on top here — and with each other.