Holding out and giving inHolding out and giving inHolding out and giving inHolding out and giving inHolding out and giving in
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Gianna and Damon are roommates who have a clear connection. Unfortunately, she is in a relationship with an older man who doesn't know her half as well as Damon does. It only takes a single kiss for Gianna to realize that Damon would make a much better partner, both in and out of bed. Anny moved to LA to pursue her modeling career. What she didn't realize was how difficult the move would be on her long-distance relationship, especially with Tyler as a roommate. The attraction between the roommates is undeniable, but Tyler is a stand-up guy who isn't going to make a move on a girl in a relationship, no matter how hot it would be. Once it becomes clear to Anny that she will have to make the first move, she pulls him in for a kiss that leaves them both desperate for more. Riley has never been with another girl before, though she has wanted to for some time. When she matches with Abella on a dating app and invites her over, she is presented with her first real opportunity to explore her sexuality. Abella is confused by Riley's shyness and reservation in response to her advances. When she learns that this would Riley's first lesbian experience, Abella realizes what she must do. She takes things slow, easing Riley in, and gradually turns up the heat until Riley is unable to hold out any longer, giving in at precisely the right moment. Living with her parents can be problematic for Emily; a beautiful young girl in her sexual prime. As her date with Michael draws to a close, they share a heated goodnight kiss on her doorstep. If a moonlit make-out session is enough to make her lose control, inviting Michael upstairs would surely be too much for Emily, and her self-restraint. Not even the threat of waking her parents with moans of sexual euphoria is powerful enough to keep Emily from giving in.