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Ethically chartered film
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Elisa and Samuel, a couple in love, are on holiday in their house in the south of France. Samuel is a film director and this holiday allows him to work in peace but also to welcome a sociology student. Lola, a doctoral student in sociology, comes to spend the summer at the couple's house to further her research on gender norms and gender within the heterosexual couple. Between Lola and the couple, an immediate attraction produces sparks and doubts about the conception of love. The sociological study of gender norms will act as a matrix on the couple. This study will allow us to think of the couple as a fluid identity that only asks to evolve with the encounter. Lola will bring the idea that the couple can open up to a vast field of horizons thanks to polyamory and the deconstruction of the privileges of patriarchal society. Her freedom and power will seduce Elisa and Samuel in turn. The couple's passionate affair with Lola will turn into an initiation, a journey in which Elisa will be the most burning actress.