Frequently Asked Questions

1. Solution à vos problèmes

Afin de répondre au mieux à toutes les questions que vous vous posez, sélectionnez le type de
problèmes que vous rencontrez :

2. Problem during the payment : The payment page is not available

Sometimes just wait 2 or 3 minutes for the payment module page appears. However, it is also possible that it comes from a momentary network congestion, the site is blocked. You just have to try your viewing later, during a time slot less saturated.

3. Problem during checkout : My credit card is not accepted

French bank cards accepted are : Credit Card, Visa, Master Card. This message appears if your card is not the right size or if your credit card details are not properly met :

- N° Credit Card in 16 digits
- Expiry date in the form : mmyy (ex 0712 for July 2012)
- No. of cryptogram corresponding to the last 3 digits of the 11 digits on the back of your card.

4. Problem during checkout : After payment, I headed to the home page

It may be that your computer accept cookies that we place on your computer to validate the payment. To correct this, go to the options of your browser (examples : Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) and accept cookies.

Then add the site among the allowed sites.

5. Problem during checkout : How can I use my discount code ?

To use your discount code, you must have an account Dorcel Vision.

Once your chosen film, click on the button SEE OR DOWNLOAD. Log in, if it is not yet done. The discount code box then appears.

Browse the site and choose the movie you want. After clicking on the button SEE or DOWNLOAD, you must create an account. Once your email and password blank, and after confirming your registration, the discount code field appears.

If the amount of your reduction is less than the price of the selected program, you must pay the difference to your account.

6. Problem when watching : Jerky video (lag sound and picture)

Selection : My Internet connection is less than 2 Mbit/s
It is necessary for streaming video, to have an Internet connection than 2Mbit / s and preferably with no other applications using the Internet to your computer running.
Your internet connection can also be slowed down by your Internet Service Provider, Wi-Fi.

We inform you that the site is heavily visited during these time slots : 18H - 01H.

For maximum comfort viewing, please download the final focus, but the longer the reading will not depend on your internet connection speed.

IMPORTANT : Dorcel Vision is not responsible for the speed of your ADSL line which may be insufficient in some circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

7. Problem when watching : The video display is not good

Thank you to give us your order number and the name of the purchased video, by writing to customer service.

8. Problem when watching : My video is green

To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods :
- Make sure you use the graphics card drivers latest procured directly from the manufacturer of the graphics card or system manufacturer. If you update the drivers, make sure the color quality setting of the Properties dialog box display was not reset.

- Make sure you have installed if any other software updates available for the graphics card. Also check that you have installed the updates for the latest Microsoft DirectX. For other software updates for your graphics card and DirectX updates, visit the Microsoft Web site at the following address : Microsoft DirectX

9. Problem when viewing : Review commissioned a film

By not deleting your cookies from your browser, you can watch as many times as you want a movie for a period of 3h.

To do this, and even after you restart your computer, simply log into the site again, to return the sheet ordered the video and click your solution purchased (Rent - Download ...).

The video will start automatically.

10. Problem when previewing : See my movie in full screen

Enjoy all the possible image quality when viewing your movie in full screen mode! For that, once the video started, double-click it. The video then goes to full screen. To return to normal viewing, double-click again on the video or press the ESC key.

11. Error downloading : The download does not start

Some browsers consider the download window as undesirable. The download does not start. Perhaps your browser is equipped with a locking pop-up (windows untimely), in which case you must disable it by clicking the yellow horizontal bar that appears under the URL in your browser to indicate ( internet explorer and firefox, if you use a different browser please visit the help section).
If the download stopped, turn on the video card and re-select the type of controlled viewing. The download will start again. You can download the video in 72 hours. You can also go to your account My downloads tab and access the complete history of your orders. To restart the download of your movie click the "Download" button.

If you use Internet Explorer 6 and that a proxy is configured on your computer, it may be that the download does not start. We advise you to use a newer version of Internet Explorer.


Be careful to remember the folder where the downloaded video. If you do not remember it, click "Start" then "Search". Select the search "images, music or videos" and type "*.mp4". Your computer will then display a list of all videos from your computer.

12. Error downloading : My download has stopped

In case of involuntary stop downloading, return to the form for your program and click DOWNLOAD. Without deleting cookies and during 72 hours, you can download as many times as you like the video.
You re-enter on the download page.
The download will restart from the beginning.

13. Error downloading : Read the downloaded video

When starting the download, you choose the location of the video.
If however, you do not remember it, you can download the video again for a period of 72 hours, turning on the video card.

If you do not remember the folder where you downloaded the video, click "Start" then "Search". Select the search "images, music or videos" and type "*.mp4". Your computer will then display a list of all videos from your computer.

14. Error downloading : Read the downloaded video

The downloaded video can be played with all the readers who agree .mp4 format.

We recommend VLC player :
Download VLC

15. Error downloading : The downloaded video is not good

Thank you to give us your order number and the name of the purchased video, by contacting customer service.

16. Error downloading : See my movie in full screen

Enjoy all the possible image quality when viewing your movie in full screen mode! For that, once the video started, double-click it. The video then goes to full screen. To return to normal viewing, double-click again on the video or press the ESC key.

17. Site information : Request for partnership

For any partnership, thank you to give us as much information and references on your services by sending an email to customer service.

Then we will certainly contact you.

18. Site information : Unsolicited applications for employment as an actor, actress

Want to become an actress or actor, do not hesitate to let you know.

To complete your application, thank you to send us a description of yourself and your desires. All accompanied by a photo eventually, by sending an email to customer service. We will add your application to our files. We will contact you if we have something for you.

IMPORTANT : Marc Dorcel never places ads on Web sites for its cast, if you see abuse, please let us know by sending an email to customer service.

19. Site Information : Proposed scenario

Have an idea of scenario, a complete scenario to offer, please submit it to us by sending an email to customer service.

20. Site Information : I want to report a broken link

Report a broken link on the site, by sending an email to customer service.

21. Managing your account : I want to delete my account

To delete your account, send an email to customer service.

22. Updates and configuration prerequisites : Minimum System Requirements

To optimize the viewing of movies and Dorcel Vision before ordering, we recommend that you make sure your configuration matches the configuration required. We suggest that you perform on your PC the various settings described below.

Our system is optimized for the following configuration :

- Operating system : Windows XP, Vista or 7 or Mac OS, Phones and Tablets
- Browser : Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
- Log-called "broadband" for streaming (at least 2 Mb / s). No minimum required to download.

23. Updates and configuration prerequisites : Setting the time on your computer

The license granted to the movies is associated with the time on your computer. Therefore, in case of modification of the PC time and to avoid abuse, this license is destroyed. In the case of the automatic update of the computer's time via the "Internet Time" of Microsoft Windows, or if the PC time is delayed, the license will be removed. In these two cases you can not make the viewing, even after placing the order and the settlement process for the screening of the program ordered.

To remove this synchronization, right-click on the Windows hour (bottom right of the screen) and select "Adjust Date / Time" tab "Internet Time". Uncheck "Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server".

24. Updates and configuration prerequisites : Removing Spyware

When surfing the Internet you can recover, without knowing it, the hard drive of your PC Spyware files. These missions have software to operate your internet connection without your knowledge, without explicit and transmit information to anyone who will consult them. They clutter up your computer considerably, your Bandwidth, also you should remove them.

For this you can download, among other things, the software "ad aware", whose role is to find and remove all Spyware stored on your PC. This software is available on the publisher's website

We urge you to read the help before using.

25. Updates and configuration prerequisites : Routers / Firewall

If you have a router or firewall, it may be that it blocks access to your videos. You can open ports 80 and 554 in TCP, and UDP in 5004 and 5005, which will have the best video quality possible.

In case of problems, refer to the user guide or you can, if necessary, connect without a router (directly to your modem

26. Service Overview : All about, No. 1 of video on demand

A video store X at home

This service is a real video store X directly to you, on your PC.
You choose the movie and type of viewing you want and after secure payment, you can use it how you want (for 3 hours for rental and permanently for the purchase).
During this period, and as for a video club "classic", you can view your movie at any time and in full.

For rent (RENT), no need to leave your home to make it once the access time has elapsed, you will simply lose access to the film.

For the purchase (DOWNLOAD), you download a video file on your computer. You can see it as many times as you like without logging in to our website. You have 72 hours to download the file.

Can one imagine a more simple ?

Now our services video on demand are also available on Mac OS, Smartphone and on shelves.

Offers a unique program
You will find the essence of the catalog of porn movies from Marc Dorcel, more than 300 movies available on broadband. Marc Dorcel has a place in the "Audiovisual Landscape of X". His films are defined in three words: luxury, refinement and aestheticism. By their specific, they are addressed especially to couples who are in more obvious delight, an inspiration to fuel their imagination and their personal fantasies. The numerous awards won by these films in the world in innovation and reward qualities.

In addition to selections and Marc Dorcel productions, you will find the largest studios of French and international X: Vivid, Playboy, Evil Angel, New Sensation, JTC, Alkrys, Sex Impact..., it also offers the most comprehensive Gay. All major labels are present.
In total, offers more than 1500 porn movies directly to your desktop.

Can one imagine a more beautiful signature ?
A constant search for quality. Before any payment, a message alerts you to problems you might encounter after payment. The site is not compatible, among other things, users with MAC, Linux and Firefox.

IMPORTANT : is in no way responsible for the speed of your ADSL line which may be insufficient in some circumstances.
100% Secure Purchase

The Service is subject to a security system and encryption of all data bank. Throughout the checkout and payment you are concerned, the data is stored on the platform and Paybox to protect yourself most effectively, they rely on the system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Thus, your credit card number is never disclosed to the company Marc Dorcel, it is only exploitable by the bank which owns the unique key.Your bank transaction is 100% secure.

Moreover, most confidential, CB debits will be made to your bank account under the name "PURCHASE VMD", within 7 days of payment.

Some useful definitions

VOD : (Video On Demand) Real video store at home, you access your PC from thousands of videos. VOD offers different modes of consumption: streaming, download rental, progressive download, download final download final with backup.

Streaming : Streaming is to broadcast the film immediately after purchase, without downloading. This is how to distribute the fastest for VOD. The film is made available to the user for 24 hours from start of viewing. The program can be viewed without limit during this window of 24 hours.

Download Final : The final download is similar to a digital distribution program. The user purchases the program as a digital file permanently. The program is downloaded to the PC of the user who may view it indefinitely. The price of the program depends on the rights associated with this file: copy to a device, duration of rights, quality of the file...

Firewall : A computer apparatus that allows selective passage of information flows between an internal network and a public network, and the neutralization of penetration attempts from the public network. The term firewall can identify several types of safety devices. It may be a router (packet filtering router), a station equipped with two network interfaces (bastion host), or some combination of these two systems. Black Hole from Milkyway Networks, NetGuard Guardian, and IBM eNetwork, are examples.

Pop-up : Means either a menu or a window. In the first case, the menu is displayed on an image or an existing text when you have selected an item, the menu disappears. The "pop-up" opens on an existing page, so as to not cover a small part. This technique is frequently used to display advertising on a news page.

Spyware : Spyware that provides information on a server browsing habits or consumption, a Web surfer. This collection and transmission of this information are made indiscreet course without the knowledge of the person concerned. Typically, these software are made from elements that are downloaded on the Web. They are not detectable by the user and cannot be uninstalled.

IP : (Internet Protocol) IP is the protocol specific to the Internet, which is responsible for transmitting data in packet form. The sending of these packets is done based on network addresses or subnets that they contain.