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Downward Spiral

115 min.
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Sandy's living a normal happy life with her wealthy husband, working as a flight attendant. One day, after landing, she catches a taxi to her hotel and the creepy taxi driver takes Sandy to a deserted broken-down factory where he robs her and throws her out of the taxi, leaving her stranded amongst the dusty old factory buildings & this is where the story begins.
Perplexed, she tries to find someone to help her get back to her hotel. While trying to escape she witnesses many perverted situations, and even manages to get herself into a few. She doesn't really know where she is and how she got there, but she slowly starts to enjoy the filthy pleasures of the sinful area, and her mood gradually shifts from shock to excitement as she enters the downward spiral of perversity..."


Studio: Private
Dauer: 115 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2008
Regie: Andrew Youngman, Frank Major


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