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Dark Edge

149 min.
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In a London dungeon deep, perverted rubberfuckers creep
Sex is twisted sex is rough, to play down here you must be tough
Now upside down upon the cross, bad bentley finds out who is boss
She screams and squeals the little slut, a 12-inch cock rammed up her butt
And Jasmine mistress of the nights, is fucked by beasts one black one white
Lucia fears her cunt may split, two randy cocks are stretching it
Filth and fury spunk and spit, the boys abuse her pretty slit
The feathered showgirl foxy chick, fucked senseless by a huge black prick
So come on viewer please be bold, step out onto the dark threshold


Studio: Harmony
Dauer: 149 min.
Sprache: English
Produktionsjahr : 2013
Regie: Tanya Hyde



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