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Daddy's girls #2

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Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2 Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2
Trailer Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2
Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2Daddy's girls #2
Studio: B.SKOW
Produktionsjahr : 2016
Dauer: 182 min.
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Quincy entretient des relations très particulières avec les hommes plus âgés

After surviving Samantha's attack, Quincy returns from her six-month stay at a mental health facility, desperate to show everyone, especially her father, that she's changed, that she no longer wants to have sex with older men, and, that she no longer wants to have sex with him. But when Quincy comes home, she finds a whole new family dynamic at play that immediately begins to wither her resolve. Her mother is out of the picture and her father, Bob, is marrying his old flame and ex-prostitute, Marla, who Quincy can't stand. And not only because her father left her mother for her, but because she makes Quincy's jealous for being able to have sex with her father when she can't. Quincy, however tempted, is determined to stay the good course and so she puts up with her father and his bride-to-be kissing and playing cute in front of him. To further prove that she's better than she once was, Quincy even begins dating a boy her own age. She's even willing to put with a course of aversion therapy with Tom, a demented psychiatrist who seeks to 'cure' Quincy of her sexual addiction to father figures by having her describe her past experiences in fine detail, her to re-live the sins of her past for his masturbatory pleasure. And with the advances of her father's boss, a man determined to not let Quincy forget the sins of her past, by ultimatum if need be. Can Quincy truly become a better person? Can anyone or do we stay as bad as we are, no matter what we try to do to be good?

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