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Pack 2 films : Priscila Sol

including 1 TV shows (total value €1.99)
Pack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila Sol
Pack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila Sol
Pack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila SolPack 2 films : Priscila Sol
Duration 187 min.
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Production year: 2008
Directed by : Rebecca Lord

2 great movies with Priscila Sol

Offered to All 14: Erotic Reverie: While she reads erotic tales, Nina Roberts gives in to delicious petting. But her imagination makes the man of her dreams very carnal...Loft: In a very "trendy" setting, the statuesque Priscila shows off her magnificent body in front of Philipe who immediately uses it to verify the depth of his..."feelings". The Understudy: In his studio, Sebastian initiates the shy Melissa to the demands of soft-core porn and disguises her as a theatre understudy, before moving on to less innocent pursuits. The Helpful Girlfriend: Kicked out by his wife, whom he shamefully cheated on, Sebastien seeks refuge at Saga's house, on the condition of being a good boy. But the promises don't last long when you're sharing the bed with a girl as sexy...Drunken Night: In their Chalet, Katia and her companion have a special way of drinking Champagne, on the most intimate parts of their bodies...The sculptor and his model: After having posed nude, Carla puts her clothes back on. But The sculptor gives up his work to actively take care of his model who doesn't seem to be complaining...A succession of hyper-sexy sequences where gorgeous creatures multiply provocative attitudes and show sexual appetite beyond compare.

Priscila First Climaxes: I have always dreamed of being a little red riding hood. The big evil world could eat me raw, if you see what I mean. I would love to be really kinky with him..." That was a letter among several that Rebecca LORD receives since she helps women realize their fantasies. Jessica gets off by playing Lara Croft before offering her secret treasures to the peaceful slaves of her boyfriend. Angel and Lucie prefer catching sales, especially if they meet two sexed-up guys having a boozy get-together to screw their little pussy and little hole. It's with a total stranger - at least she pretends to believe so - that Priscila pops her porn cherry. Under the rain that excites her, she screams in pleasure when she feels a stiff cock penetrate and spurt hot sperm to the end of her vagina. In Prague, Laura, a flight attendant for laughs, shamelessly regales an inveterate guy on the make with an expert blow job in broad daylight, as tourist boats pass on the Vltava. As for Julie, our "Little Red Riding Hood", she accumulates fantasies, from the wolf, who licks more than he bites - the naughty schoolgirl, while a detonating cocktail blends together of erotic dreams and reality.

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