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My Sister & Me

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My Sister & MeMy Sister & MeMy Sister & Me My Sister & MeMy Sister & MeMy Sister & Me
Trailer My Sister & MeMy Sister & MeMy Sister & Me
My Sister & MeMy Sister & MeMy Sister & Me
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Production year: 2012
Duration 127 min.
Directed by : Luka
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Bonus : the Making of

Discover perverse Paris through the eyes of Roxy and Shana Lane, Canada's hottest sisters! Two young and gorgeous heiresses are invited to the French capital shortly after their father's death. They will quickly become objects of desire for a band of lecherous rascals...

As soon as they arrive, Roxy and Shana are greeted by Liza. Liza hurries to introduce them to two television producers, and, incapable of resisting these young men's 'French charm', the two sisters will soon give themselves to them, and succumb to their every and most perverse desires.

Roxy will soon peel off her exquisite evening gown and suck Jacques' cock before Jacques has even suggested leaving to continue the evening with two of his friends... As for Shana, she follows Pierre into an abandoned factory where she is impatiently awaited by two lusty men. In the sickening yet exciting atmosphere of this warehouse, Shana will take their three hard cocks in her mouth, one after the other, and will finish by coming under their violent hip thrusts.

It seems that France's capital has a lot of surprises in store for our two charming girls from Quebec...

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