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The Intern (Alkrys)

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The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)
Trailer The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)
The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)The Intern (Alkrys)
Duration 134 min.
Studio: Alkrys
Production year: 2013
Directed by : Christian Lavil

Jessyca has to start her intership but isn't too motivated but when she sees how the company is run, she realizes that their are ways to have fun. The receptionist never does anything (except sucking her boss' dick), the boss fucks every pussy around, The secretary, the Human Ressources Manager and the Communication Manager are all true nymphomaniacs.

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