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Glamour Dolls #7

4 Szenen 97 min.
+ 3 Reportagen vom Wert von 5,97 € inklusive



"These men of power have complicated lives, full of tension and political pressure. Fortunately, they know how to surround themselves with vicious young ladies, who are able to relieve their burden thanks to their taste for deep-throats, rough anal-sex and gaping holes... Once they have cummed all over these young sluts's faces, our politicians can get back to business as usual, all relaxed ! With Nadia Macri, special friend of former president Berlusconi !"


Studio: Sélection Dorcel
Dauer: 97 min.
Sprache: French
Produktionsjahr : 2012
Regie: Andrea Nobili

Szenen des Films

Szene 1
23 min.

Szene 2
23 min.

Szene 3
23 min.

Szene 4
25 min.


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