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Dare Dorm #1

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Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1 Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1
Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1
Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1Dare Dorm #1
Produktionsjahr : 2010
Dauer: 158 min.
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If only their parents knew what they do at college...

Shot on a REAL campus

College: Pennsylvania : Pregaming before partying is usually just a cheap way to prepare for a long night ahead, but these kids take it to the next level. A Russian exchange student named Yan gets introduced to the American way of partying, and he shows the locals a thing or two on how things get done overseas. By this time all kinds of debauchery has broken loose.

College: Ohio : When you are bored at a college in the Midwest with nothing to do, what's better than rallying together a crew of girls to get wasted and play sexy card games where players win by coming up with the dirtiest answers to kinky questions?

College: North Carolina : North Carolina is the host school in this latest Dare Dorm entry, and the two roommates who taped it were very gung ho about winning the 10k prize. They were so determined to win that they smuggled a motherfucking foam machine into their dorm room, invited a bunch of babes over and recorded everything that went down.

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