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Couples Seeking Teens 11

136 min.
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Elaina visits her favourite rock star to show him some fan appreciation, but when she meets his hot wife, she'll need to spread the love to both of them. Nikita and Erik are a makeup and photography duo. Their latest model is hot young Staci, who is more than ready for her close-up with the older couple. Avril rented a fun DVD, but inside the case was a porno. When the older couple who rented the porno show up to swap discs, they'll end up swapping a lot more. Katie finds out her boyfriend the gardener got fired for flirting with other girls. The nice couple who had to fire him feel they need to cheer the cute girl up


Studio: Reality Junkies
Dauer: 136 min.
Audio :
Produktionsjahr : 2013
Regie: Bobby Manila


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